welcome to peopleties

The smart directory that builds and strengthens employee relationships

Peopleties is the most versatile, easy to use, engagement app natively built for Slack! A powerful yet elegant survey and engagement tool that meets users where they are, 100% in Slack. Unlike other survey tools, Peopleties even has the ability to send ranked-choice questions.
Best of all, it's only $0.50 per user per month with UNLIMITED usage by any user.

With our Survey and Meetings features, users can:
* Send unlimited surveys: Instant or scheduled sends of single or multiple question surveys with unlimited responses
* 1:1's & Meetings: Recurring or one time standups with your team members
* Send HR surveys: A quick pulse check or a complete "org health engagement survey" and more

With asynchronous productivity enhancing features such as Peopleties Virtual 1-on-1's, users can coordinate and share updates ahead of meetings. The service can even be leveraged for group meetings, daily huddles, standups, backlog grooming, and check-ins. Administrators can decide if people have access to create or simply be members of 1:1s. Great for agile teams.

Peopleties also provides an easy to use Survey tool, where anyone can quickly send a poll to everyone or a subset of people in a designated Slack channel. Collect retrospectives, 360 feedback reviews, Q&A, and mental health checks. Administrators can even limit Survey creation access to only selected people.

Beyond our robust survey capabilities, Peopleties orchestrates the ability for coworkers & community members to be better connected to each other and the organization, which drives trust and productivity

It all starts with a smart directory service which allows you to share your profile, take individualized and personal notes, and search for people based on their knowledge and interests. Taking the virtual watercooler for remote or hybrid employees to the next level. There's no better way to promote learning, provide recognition, or welcome new hires.

By leveraging Peopleties Connections Builder, people will broaden their networks through our matchmaking service.

With Peopleties, organizations can solve key challenges such as:
* Productivity: finding information from a person with the right knowledge is easy with search and saved as favorites. Get quick feedback from teams or groups with Surveys and Virtual 1-on-1's
* Connectivity: with a remote or dispersed population, people can better connect, share interests, and take personal notes about each other
* Inclusivity: people who are isolated or introverted will be able to form relationships without having to step outside their comfort zone
* Education: easily see how many people have knowledge on a topic and plan training programs based on gaps. Select experts to facilitate knowledge sharing
* Diversity and Social Interest: encourage people to highlight their interests in specific causes as well as state their preferred pronouns

Get started by visiting the Peopleties website, completing registration and clicking the "Add To Slack" button. This will allow you to add the Peopleties App to your Slack organization.

Peopleties is easy for everyone to start using. Once installed, people can leverage the help screen at any time for tips and tricks, explaining how to leverage any of our features:
* Complete their profile, including “About me”, personal information, interests, and knowledge
* Create Surveys to be sent manually or on a specific date. View total results and individual responses
* Setup and participate in Virtual 1-on-1's
* Join Connections Builder to be periodically matched with people
* Search for people by name, title, interest, or knowledge
* Take personal notes about people that only they will ever see. Helping them to remember important relationship details
* Make suggestions on interests or knowledge to expand the use of and adoption of Peopleties
* Add important or frequent connections to your favorites list for easy reference

Start connecting your organization today with Peopleties!